Ethics in International Relations

A Constitutive Theory

Ethics in International Relations

Most questions commonly asked about international politics are ethical ones. Should the international community intervene in Bosnia? What do we owe the starving in Somalia? What should be done about the genocide in Rwanda? Yet, Mervyn Frost argues, ethics is accorded a marginal position within the academic study of international relations. In this book he examines the reasons given for this, and evaluates those ethical theories that do exist within the discipline. Finally, he elaborates his own ethical theory, which he derives from Hegel, and applies it to central ethical problems in international politics today.


"...offers a major theoretical contribution to the study of international ethics....Frost's work is one of those rare works which is ambitious theoretically and provides responses to some pressing concrete problems, all the while opening up fruitful areas for further of the most important recent works on ethics and world affairs." American Political Science Review

"This is a thorough discussion and may be useful course material." Ethics