Leibniz and China

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Leibniz and China

Why was Leibniz so fascinated by Chinese philosophy and culture? What specific forms did his interest take, and how did it compare with the relative indifference of his philosophical contemporaries and others such as Spinoza and Locke? Franklin Perkins examines Leibniz's voluminous writings on the subject and suggests that his interest originated within his own philosophy since the nature of his metaphysical and theological views required him to take Chinese thought seriously.


"This is a carefully researched, closely argued, and clearly written work which offers a number of insights into the metaphysics and theology of Leibniz, especially as they are evidenced in his critiques of Chinese thought. Perkins has made a major contribution both to Leibniz studies and to comparative philosophy." Henry Rosemont, Trinity University, San Antonio

"Perkin's book is not just good and informative, but also pathbreaking" - Justin E. H. Smith, Concordia University

"The book is an excellent and timely resource foe anyone involved in the pursuit of philosophical wisdom in the context of world community."
Robin R. Wang, Philosophy East and West

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