A History of Russian Symbolism

A History of Russian Symbolism

This book is the first detailed history of the Russian Symbolist movement, which served as the seedbed of Existentialism and Modernism in Russia. It reassesses the symbolists' achievements in the light of modern research, focusing on their literary works. Prose is quoted in English translation and poetry is given in the original Russian with prose translations. There is a valuable bibliography of primary sources and an extensive chronological appendix. This book will fill a long-felt gap for students and teachers of Russian and comparative literature, symbolism, modernism, and pre-revolutionary Russian culture.


"Dr. Pyman's book is a superb achievement, which will fundamentally revise our understanding of the origins and nature of Russian Symbolism and the role within it of the major figures." Canadian Slavic Papers

"Designed primarily for the student of Russian literature, this book will also be of value to specialists, who can benefit from its clarity and wealth of information. In terms of both breadth and depth, it is unlikely to be surpassed for some time." Slavic Review

"This valuable and rewarding study is recommended to graduate students and faculty." v. D. Barooshian, Choice

"A tour de force of meticulous sholarship, Pyman's book will be indispenable to students of Russian literature and of the fin de siècle." John Wilson, McGill's Literary Annual

"...rich in detail....offers a wealth of anecdotal information and carefully follows the endlessly complex personal realtionships among these volatile and sometimes bizarre artists." Evelyn Bristol, Slavic and East European Journal

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