Samuel Johnson and the Making of Modern England

Samuel Johnson and the Making of Modern England

One of the most renowned authors of the eighteenth century, Samuel Johnson became a symbol of English national identity in the century following his death in 1784. Nicholas Hudson examines his contribution to the creation of the modern English identity, focusing on his attitudes towards class, feminism, party politics, the public sphere, nationalism, and imperialism. This new view of Johnson reflects the nature of English nationhood.


"Those seeking a rich rendering of the historical particulars that defined the Age of Johnson and its impact will find much of interest in Hudson." Eighteenth Century Fiction

"...the author's careful research, engaging style of writing, and amiable tone make this a book that will please both literary critics and historians. No matter what you think of Samuel Johnson, as writer or man, this volume will give you a better appreciation of the author of The Rambler, Rasselas, and Lives of the Poets, by presenting, not 'the Age of Johnson,' but 'Johnson within his Age.'" Albion, Paul Monod

'Samuel Johnson and the Making of Modern England is full of large, resonant arguments collectively embracing Johnson's entire career. It represents an intelligent and ambitious rethinking of his continued meaning for England (not Britain).' The Times Literary Supplement