Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness

Empirical Contributions

Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness

Unrealistic public policies have increasingly concerned clinicians who fear being held responsible for their decisions in a legal climate that expects them to accurately predict the future. Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness provides a forum in which a group of internationally recognized scholars present the major conceptual issues and themes in their areas of violence research. Each chapter includes an issue-based essay that makes the research findings clinically relevant for assessment and prediction of violence. This book provides a reference that outlines key information for conducting more effective risk assessments with different populations.


"[E]ssential reading...At the least, this book should be readily available on the bookshelf for rapid reference. Sooner rather than later, the clinician will need it." Journal of the American Medical Association

"Valuable because it contains a variety of informative chapters regarding various types of violence, violent offenders, and antecedents of violence...This volume does provide a fairly comprehensive overview of validated risk factors for violence in a wide variety of contexts...Would be an appropriate text, or supplemental text, for graduate courses on violent behavior...There is much in this volume that would be useful for practicing clinicians as well." Contemporary Psychology

"Timely and relevant for those in the forensic arena and the psychiatrist for whom this issue emerges in routine practice...A comprehensive overview of the scientific literature... Informative and up-to-date... Suitable for trainees preparing for written examinations and forensic psychiatrists with an interest in criminal matters." Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry

"Meticulously edited and attractively bound...presents an up-to-date review of dangerousness and its assessment. The editors have assembled an impressive roster of collaborators....Extremely instructive....Should be read by psychiatrists and mental health specialists engaged in predicting and managing violent behaviors." Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

"Georges-Franck Pinard and Linda Pagini, of the University of Montreal, are to be congratulated on this solid, useful summary of the clinical understanding of dangerousness." Psychiatric Services


Achievement of the Year: 2001 Award of The Quebec Association of Psychiatrists