Motivation and Action

Motivation and Action
  • Second edition

  • Edited by Jutta Heckhausen

    Edited by Heinz Heckhausen

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

    Online Publication Date:August 2009

    Online ISBN:9780511499821

    Hardback ISBN:9780521852593

    Paperback ISBN:9780521149136

  • Book DOI:

    Subjects: Social Psychology

Motivation and Action gives an extensive and in-depth overview of the diverse lines of research in motivational psychology, in terms of its historical foundations, up-to-date conceptual developments, and empirical research. The major classes of motivated behavior are addressed and the critical processes involved in motivation and volition are discussed in detail. Different conceptual and empirical lines of research are integrated and analyzed as to the common issues and phenomena they address, thus providing a most useful guideline for understanding debates in current motivational, educational, and social psychology.


I am pleased with the additional strengths this text brings to the field, updating the original and expanding into new areas of research on motivation and action. The book provokes student thinking, challenges mainstream conceptions of motivation, and expands the motivational episode to include deliberate study of volitional dynamics in realized action. I recommend this book and think that readers will find it an excellent opportunity to re-examine and expand their assumptions about motivational dynamics.” – Mary McCaslin, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Arizona