Living without Free Will

Living without Free Will

In Living Without Free Will, Derk Pereboom argues that our best scientific theories indeed have the consequence that factors beyond our control produce all of the actions we perform, and that because of this, we are not morally responsible for any of them. He seeks to defend the view that morality, meaning, and value remain intact even if we are not morally responsible, and furthermore, that adopting this perspective would provide significant benefit for our lives.


"This is an impressive book, which can be recommended to all philosophers interested in the problems surrounding freedom and moral responsibility. It covers a lot of ground..." Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"This book is well written and as easy to read as the intricacy of its argument permits. It is clear, careful, insightful, and well-informed, a good guide to the philosophical literature on the many issues it discusses. Anyone concerned with those issues will profit greatly from reading it. Journal of Ethics