Our Knowledge of the Past

A Philosophy of Historiography

Our Knowledge of the Past

This book presents a philosophical analysis of the disciplines that reveal scientific knowledge of the past. Aviezer Tucker argues that historiography as a scientific discipline should be considered an attempt to analyze the evidence of past events. This new approach to historiography will interest philosophers, historians and social scientists concerned with the methodological foundations of their disciplines.


"T[ucker]'s book is a useful reference both for those who are involved in the philosophy of history and those who study history of historiography, as it can join scientific rigour and a very clear and involving esposition."
-Gabriella Vanotti, Universita Cattolica Milano, The Classic Bulletin

Review of the hardback: 'This is an important book … Tucker importantly attends also to the non-scientific and underdetermined nature of historiographic interpretation … I affirm the importance of Tucker's book. His is a question worth asking.' Journal of Philosophy

Review of the hardback: '… a well-informed and accessible guide to the main modern approaches to the key questions that underlie the writing of history …' Historiographia Linguistica