Jews and Gender in Liberation France

Jews and Gender in Liberation France

Taking a new view of France during and after the German occupation, this book challenges traditional chronology concentrating on the Vichy government. It punctures standard interpretations dividing occupied France into resisters and collaborators and explores the resistance concept of an ideal Frenchwoman by using interview material to contest the standard view. French demographers' post-liberation enthusiasm for Nazi population policy, women in the city, and the widespread fervor for the family are also examined. The significance of race--specifically Jewishness--and gender is emphasized throughout this study.


"K.H. Adler has written an important book that offers readers a stimulating evaluation of the construction of national identity in France after its liberation in August 1944." Canadian Journal of History, David A. Messenger, Carroll College (Montana)

"Adler's book, elegantly written, sophisticated in conceptualization, and deeply researched, is a welcome addition to the growing literature on French national identity formation, immigration, and assimilationism." The International History Review, Alice L. Conklin, Ohio State University

"A compelling rereading of the postwar years." H-FRANCE