Making English Morals

Voluntary Association and Moral Reform in England, 1787–1886

Making English Morals

Campaigns for moral reform were a recurrent and distinctive feature of public life in later Georgian and Victorian England. Anti-slavery, temperance, charity, cruelty prevention and "social purity" advocates promoted their causes through mobilization of citizen volunteer support. M.J.D. Roberts explores the world of these volunteer networks--their concerns, patterns of recruitment, methods of operation, and responses aroused--to provide an accessible period survey of moral reform.


"Roberts has performed a valuable service...[A] solid, stimulating book..." T.L. Crosby, Wheaton College, CHOICE

"...this study is an important exploration of a form of civic engagement, outside the organized structures of government but within the wider polity." - American Historical Review, Penelope J. Corfield, University of London

"This is an extremly fine and thoughtful book, based on an impressive range of sources...It is bursting wiht ideas and information based on a colossal amount of reading and research." Victorian Studies Susan Mumm, The Open University


Whitfield Prize 5/7/05 - Winner