Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

This book comprehensively examines competition policy and law in Greater China--the People's Republic, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The evolution of pro-competition policies in each jurisdiction is traced in the context of international developments in competition policy adoption by developing and transitional economies as well as the advocacy of competition adoption by the following international organizations- WTO, OECD, UNCTAD, the World Bank and the IMF. A theoretical explanation of the observed developments concludes that successful competition policy adoption is unlikely to succeed, without a functioning democratic system.


"This is an important book. China by virtue of its size, rate of economic growth and ambitions is going to be an important player, if not the most important player, in the 21st Century...Williams' book is a monumental contribution to our understanding of barriers to the creation of free markets and effective competition laws in transitional economies." - Kenneth M. Davidson, American Antitrust Institute

"The book, well researched and insightful, is a good reference for understanding China's economic reform."
Yu Xingzhong, Law and Politics Book Review

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