Labour Market Reform in China

Labour Market Reform in China

Labour Market Reform in China analyzes institutional changes in the Chinese labor market over the past twenty years, and offers evidence that further reform is necessary if China is to sustain its high growth rates. It investigates separately the impact of economic reform on the rural and urban labor markets and then considers their interaction. Consideration is given to employment and unemployment, wages and social security. It provides a detailed analysis of how current ownership patterns of urban enterprises hinder further labor market reform.


Review of the hardback: 'This … addresses one of the most important questions in contemporary China … The discussion is particularly interesting on the urban labour market … The work covers some very useful discussions, data and insights on a question of major importance for China and the world … it is a highly welcome addition to the literature.' Development Policy Review

Review of the hardback: 'Those seeking a thoughtful, detailed, yet resolute neoclassical approach to labour market reforms will be delighted with Xin's book.' China Information