Humanism and America

An Intellectual History of English Colonisation, 1500–1625

Humanism and America

Andrew Fitzmaurice reveals that English expansion was profoundly neo-classical in its inspiration, and that humanist traditions were extremely influential in the early development of the American colonies. Until now, accounts of early American colonization, and of European colonization in general, have placed great emphasis upon the links between colonization and the aggressive agendas of modern times claimed by historians and literary scholars.


"This short book is packed with ideas.... Highly recommended." Choice

"A pioneering study of Renaissance Humanism's effect upon the English colonies of the New World." Renaissance Quarterly

"This is an enlightening book, and it is both compliment and criticism to say that I would it had been longer." Robert M. Bliss, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Journal of American History History

"This volume is a must for the understanding of the impact of humanist values on the development of English colonization in the New World." Renaissance Quarterly

"...a very good account of the ideology behind a large unsucessful series of colonial ventures not yet part of the inexorable sweep to the British Empire." Journal of Modern History Lesley B. Cormack, University of Alberta