Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology

The Dream of a Science

Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology

After decades of myth making, C.G. Jung remains one of the most misunderstood figures in Western intellectual history. This comprehensive study of the origins of his psychology provides a new perspective on the rise of modern psychology and psychotherapy. It reconstructs the reception of Jung's work in the human sciences, and its impact on the social and intellectual history of the twentieth century. The book creates a basis for any future discussion of Jung by opening new vistas in psychology.


"...one of the most definitive books available on Jung and his impact on psychology. A must read for anyone who wishes to explore Jungian thinking. Essential." Choice

'Shamdasani has gone far in making the history of Jungian psychology truly professional. His is a superb achievement.' The Times Higher Education Supplement

'To write a book like this and combine originality, historical accuracy, an understanding of improvisation in historical actors - all without partisanship - is truly special.' Medical History

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