The Political Economy of Craft Production

Crafting Empire in South India, c.1350–1650

The Political Economy of Craft Production

Carla Sinopoli examines a diverse range of crafts to explore the role and significance of craft production in the political economy of the fourteenth through seventeenth-century South Indian Vijayanagara empire. Ranging from poetry to pottery, Sinopoli utilizes evidence from twenty years of fieldwork at the Vijayanagara capital, one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world in its time. This book is a broad-ranging study of craft production in South Asia, as well as other early state empires.


"[T]his work is remarkably synthetic providing a focused account of a dynamic and extensive range of craft production activities, complete with social, political and economic implications for a wide spectrum of actors and institutions within a diversity of temporal and geographical settings. This volume is an important contribution to historical and archaeological writings on the Vijayanagara state and South Asian history and historiography." Peter G. Johansen, University of Chicago, Chicago South Asia Newsletter