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Approaches to Class Analysis

Approaches to Class Analysis

Sociologists disagree not only on how best to define "class" but also as to its general role in social theory and continued relevance to sociological analysis. This book explores the theoretical foundations of six major perspectives of class through the contributions of experts in the field. While some assume that classes have largely dissolved, others believe class remains one of the fundamental forms of social inequality and social power. Moreover, some see class as a narrow economic phenomenon, while others adopt an expansive conception.


"I found this book intellectually engaging. Approaches to Class Analysis brings together recent theorists of class analysis from different theoretical perspectives, each of whom help unpack economical, social and cultural processes that allow us to understand what classes are and whether they have potential for mobilization. It should be of interest to students of sociology. In fact, I would consider it as a valuable addition to a graduate course in social inequality and stratification." --Reza Nakhaie, University of Windsor, Canadian Journal of Sociology Online