Toleration as Recognition

Toleration as Recognition

Anna Elisabetta Galeotti examines the most intractable problems which toleration encounters and argues that what is really at stake is not religious or moral disagreement but the unequal status of different social groups. Liberal theories of toleration fail to grasp this and consequently come up with normative solutions that are inadequate when confronted with controversial cases. Galeotti proposes an alternative, toleration as recognition, which addresses the problem of according equal respect to groups as well as equal liberty to individuals.


"Galeotti's arguments are subtle and nuanced...[this book is] an imaginative and original contribution to an important area of modern political philosophy." Ethics

"Galeotti is in command of her subject matter as she addresses tolerance and recognition, primarily through the lens of analytical theory. This book makes an important contribution to this highly charged debate. Essential." Choice

"Galeotti's book on liberal toleration is lucid, balanced and very well argued, and thus it is a significant contribution to an urgent and ongoing debate. It gives also an informative overview of that debate. Strongly recommended." Philosophy in Review

"...thoughtful and thought-provoking...This book is a valuable contribution both to the theory of liberalism and to the theory of recognition. Its central argument, that certain specific commitments to recognition follow from the best understanding of the liberal doctrine of toleration, is developed with considerable care and subtlety. Its insightful analysis of a number of specific cases enables its practical implications to be clearly seen. Given its richness, Toleration as Recognition prompts a whole range of questions." Perspectives on Politics


Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2003