Kant and Modern Political Philosophy

Kant and Modern Political Philosophy

In this book Katrin Flikschuh examines the relevance of Kant's political thought to major issues and problems in contemporary political philosophy. She argues that Kant's philosophy of Right endorses the role of metaphysics in political thinking, in contrast to its generally hostile reception in the field today, and that his account of political obligation is cosmopolitan in its inception, assigning priority to the global rather than the domestic context. Her study will be of interest to political philosophers, political theorists, and historians of ideas.


"...engaging and innovative...Kant and Modern Political Philosophy makes some important contributions to our understanding of Kant's theory of Right." Philosophical Review

"One of the stated aims (and great merits) of Katrin Flikschuh's Kant and Modern Political Philosophy is to remove our collective post-Rawlsian spectacles when gazing at the oft-enigmatic body of work that is Kant's political thought...Katrin Flikschuh's book is one of the finest that this reviewer has encountered on the topic of Kant's political thought. It is certainly among the most thorough in its ability to both perceive and tackle some of the core technical issues of the field...Kant and Modern Political Philosophy is a must-read for those interested in either Kant's political thought or contemporary political theory." Philosophical Inquiry, Vol. XXIII