Brute Rationality

Normativity and Human Action

Brute Rationality

Joshua Gert presents a new account of normative practical reasons and the way in which they contribute to the rationality of action. He argues that, rather than simply "counting in favor of" action, normative reasons play two logically distinct roles--that of requiring action and that of justifying action. Gert's book will appeal to a range of readers interested in practical reasoning in particular, and moral theory more generally.


"It is a great contribution to contemporary philosophical debate and is likely to make an impact."
Philosophy in Review

"Brute Rationality is a very fine book. It is crisply written, laced with wit, and carefully argued.... I recommend Brute Rationality to anyone who is interested in issues of practical rationality and how they bear upon moral theory."

"Brute Rationality is a remarkable book. It is elegant and engaging, and it aims to deliver s traightfoward solutions to problems not addressed by other theories of practical rationality. The theory of normative reasons developed in Brute Rationality is both detailed and novel." - Sergio Tenenbaum, University of Toronto