After Dickens

Reading, Adaptation and Performance

After Dickens

John Glavin offers both a performative reading of Dickens the novelist and an exploration of the potential for adaptive performance of the novels themselves. Through close study of text and context Glavin uncovers a richly ambivalent, often unexpectedly hostile, relationship between Dickens and the theater and theatricality of his own time, and shows how Dickens' novels can be seen as a form of counter performance. Yet Glavin also explores the performative potential in Dickens' fiction, and describes new ways to stage that fiction in emotionally powerful, critically acute adaptations.


"...this is a title that serious students of Dickens need to read." Choice

"After Dickens is a self-consciously clever book that advocates "takings what we want rather than accepting what we are offered"..." Essays in Theatre

"The entire study is a virtuoso critical and (play) writerly preformance...brilliant and entertaining." Victorian Studies, Summer 2001

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