Novel Relations

The Transformation of Kinship in English Literature and Culture, 1748–1818

Novel Relations

Ruth Perry's major study describes the transformation of the English family, as represented in fiction, in the context of major social changes taking place in the eighteenth century. These include the development of a market economy and waged labor, enclosure and the redistribution of land, urbanization, the 'rise' of the middle class, and the development of print culture.


"[An] engrossing book[...]Novel Relations is a book full of resonant suggestions and unexpected examples."
-Times Literary Supplement

"Ruth Perry's[...]Novel Relations: The Transformation of Kinship in English Literature and Culture, 1748-1818.[...]adds considerably to our understanding of psychological and social conditions of Austen's world."

"At every point [Ruth Perry] factors in such major forces as changes in economic systems, print culture, population growth, and urbanization, and most valuably brings together the best and most pertinent research in social history, cultural anthropology, psychology, and law."
-Paula R. Backscheider, Auburn University, The Scriblerian

"Novel Relations is a book to be admired for its careful and bold approach to the critical problems of family, love, and modernity, and no doubt it will immediately be a required point of engagement for any scholars work on these issues."
-Corrinne Harol, University of Alberta, Nineteenth-Century Literature