Rhythm and Will in Victorian Poetry

Rhythm and Will in Victorian Poetry

Matthew Campbell explores the work of four Victorian poets--Tennyson, Browning, Hopkins and Hardy--in the context of their concern with questions of human agency and will. Through close study of meter, rhyme and rhythm, Campbell reveals how closely, for these poets, questions of poetics are related to issues of psychology, ethics and social change. He goes on to discuss more general questions of poetics, from Milton through Romanticism and into contemporary critical debate, making a major contribution to the current renewal of interest in formalist readings of poetry.


"...a perceptive study...valuable commentary on crucial Victorian poems..." Victorian Periodicals Review

'… Rhythm and Will is essentially an innovative study, and that Campbell is operating ahead of much of the field.' Peter McDonald, Notes and Queries

'… a book that scrupulously heeds what Victorian poets actually said, and how they said it'. Victorian Poetry

'… a lively and critically intelligent book.' The Review of English Studies

'… a brilliant study … is a courageously independent-minded work of scholarship which thereby possesses an originality and integrity increasingly rare in contemporary criticism.' Tennyson Research Newsletter

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