Author's Pen and Actor's Voice

Playing and Writing in Shakespeare's Theatre

Author's Pen and Actor's Voice

Robert Weimann redefines the relationship between writing and performance, or "playing," in Shakespeare's theater. Through close reading and careful analysis Weimann offers a reconsideration and redefinition of Elizabethan performance and production practices. The study reviews the most recent methodologies of textual scholarship, the new history of the Elizabethan theater, performance theory, and film and video interpretation, and offers a new approach to understanding Shakespeare. Weimann examines a range of plays as well as other contemporary works. A major part of the study explores the duality between playing and writing.


"Utterly engaging and important..." Renaissance Quarterly

"Weimann provides a learned and complex historicized explanation of Elizabethan stage practices...Weimann's historical argument is bolstered by rich and suggestive readings..." Studies in English Literature

"...his contributions are deft, insightful, and exhilarating." National Communication Association

"The subtlety of the argument is exemplary and the subject fascinating." New Theatre Quarterly