Gender, Theatre, and the Origins of Criticism

From Dryden to Manley

Gender, Theatre, and the Origins of Criticism

Marcie Frank explores the theoretical and literary legacy of John Dryden to a number of prominent women writers of his time. Frank examines the pre-eminence of gender, sexuality and the theater in Dryden's critical texts that are predominantly rewritings of the work of his own literary precursors--Ben Jonson, Shakespeare and Milton. She proposes that Dryden develops a native literary tradition that is passed on as an inheritance to his heirs--Aphra Behn, Catharine Trotter, and Delarivier Manley--as well as to their male contemporaries.


Review of the hardback: '… this is a book which is worthy of interest and which makes significant claims about the history and the gendering of literary criticism.' Renaissance Journal

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