Latin Sermon Collections from Later Medieval England

Orthodox Preaching in the Age of Wyclif

Latin Sermon Collections from Later Medieval England

Almost all sermons were written in Latin until the Reformation. This scholarly study describes and analyzes such collections of Latin sermons from the golden age of medieval preaching in England--the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Basing his studies on the extant manuscripts, Siegfried Wenzel analyzes their sermons and occasions. He covers many of the broader late medieval debates on preaching, as well as the attitudes of orthodox preachers to Lollardy.


"This impressive study is the culmination of more than forty years of Siegfried Wenzel's scholarly investigation of sermon manuscripts and, more generally, preaching in late medieval England."
-Patrick J. Horner, F.S.C., Manhattan College

"Wenzel's detailed description of the sermon collections is an invaluable road map, which will enable scholars and students of medieval sermon literature and preaching to explore a myriad of topics."
-Carolyn Muessig, University of Bristol, Journal of Medieval Studies