The Wycliffite Heresy

Authority and the Interpretation of Texts

The Wycliffite Heresy

This is a study of the Wycliffite heresy, otherwise known as Lollardy, which flourished in England in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. Kantik Ghosh examines major texts by John Wyclif, William Woodford, Nicolas Love, Thomas Netter as well as the anonymous authors of the English Wycliffite Sermons, along with a wide range of scholastic, homiletic and meditative texts in Latin and English. Whatever the ultimate fate of Lollardy as a religious movement, he reveals that the debates it initiated successfully changed the intellectual landscape of England.


"This excellent book makes an original contribution to the study of attitudes to the Bible and its authority on the part of Wyclif, his followers, and their opponents."
- Journal of English and Germanic Philology

"Ghosh's book is highly readable, and he presents his argument lucidly. ...a valuable addition to Wyclif/Lollard studies."
- Renaissance Quarterly

"...a valuable addition to the scholarship of the area and era."
- History

"...a superb first book, learned, elegant, stimulating, and challenging."
- Sixteenth Century Journal, Richard Rex, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

"Ghosh's learned and lucidly written work, which, above all, shows the myriad breakdowns in hermeneutical logic in the dialogue between Wycliffites and anti-Wycliffites, will be of great interest to all students of interpretation, late-medieval England, and heresy."
- Speculum, Ruth Nissé,

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