Anglo-Chinese Encounters since 1800

War, Trade, Science and Governance

Anglo-Chinese Encounters since 1800

Wang Gungwu's study of the relationship between China and the Chinese with imperial Britain examines the possibilities, as well as the limits of their encounters. Beyond the clichés of opium, fighting, and the diplomatic skills needed to fend off rivals and enemies, Gungwu probes areas of more intimate encounters, not least of which is the beginning of a broader English-speaking future between the two countries.


"Anglo-Chinese Encounters is the beautifully written reflections by a noted East Asian scholar at the peak of his career. Hopefully, it will be read widely by those interested in China and its relationship to the West." History

"...this book represents a breath of fresh air in the way it addresses the dynamics of Anglo-Chinese encounters since 1800. Full of insightful details, highly readable, and convincingly argued, it is destined to be essential reading for anyone interested in the history of Sino-Western interactions." China Review International, joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Pace University

' … a very enjoyable read … good introductory text … challenges Chinese historians to pry open the history of imperial exploitation in China and rethinks how the presence of these foreign actors allows certain fractions of the Chinese societies within and outside China proper to consolidate and reshape their identities.' Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History