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4 - Films and videotapes on mathematics and its teaching  pp. 307-314

By A. G. Howson

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During the congress films were shown at some of the working groups and at some of the national presentations. In addition, continuous programmes of films were projected in the Newman Theatre. The films shown are listed below by country of origin, together with a certain amount of information concerning their availability. Information is also given on some of the videotapes which were presented. Some films which it was intended to show at the congress did not arrive because of postal difficulties. These have been included for completeness. All the films are 16 mm.


Discovery – the Formal Way 1 inch Bell and Howell videotape, 45 minutes.

G. L. Hubbard, Hubbard Academy, Brisbane, Australia.

A record of a lesson to grade 10 students from Brisbane State High School. The students had been introduced earlier to symbolic and formal procedures and to relations as subsets of Cartesian products, and the lesson is concerned with the correct logical notation for a function.


Calcul des Probabilité – Enfants de 10 à 11 ans. Lunettes – Etude d'une structure de groupe (2 parts). Three 16 mm films, each lasting 20–30 minutes, were shown of teaching at the primary school at Francheville, near Lyons. The lessons concerned probability and structures on a grid. Details may be obtained from Service du Film de la Recherche Scientifique, 86 Boulevard Raspail, 75006, Paris.