10 - Arctic Security  pp. 166-173

Arctic Security

By Adam Worm

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Constitutional framework

Since 1979, Greenland has had a system of local autonomy, known as home rule, which in June 2009 by a new act on Greenland Self-Government was updated to self-government. The system of self-government means that it is possible for the Greenland government to assume authority over almost all areas of public life in Greenland. According to the Act on Self-Government, Greenland's Parliament has full legislative power in areas in which responsibility has been taken over by Greenland.

According to the Danish constitution and the Act on Self-Government, however, some areas cannot be taken over and have to remain with the Danish government. Those areas are the following:

  • The Constitution
  • Foreign affairs
  • Defense and security policy
  • The Supreme Court
  • Currency and monetary policy
Dansk Udenrigspolitisk InstitutGrønland under den kolde krig – dansk og amerikansk sikkerhedspolitik 1945–68CopenhagenDansk Udenrigspolitisk Institut1997