Appendix 1 - List of self-help and support organizations  pp. 149-149

List of self-help and support organizations

By Glenn Waller et al.

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The following is only part of the enormous number of websites that offer information and access to self-help/support. We have focused on organizations that are non-profit, to ensure that you can access balanced advice locally. We have also confined ourselves to groups in English-speaking countries (though see below if you would like to recommend a similar website in another part of the world).

The Academy for Eating Disorders is based in the USA, but has an international remit. Its main web link is, but they have a web link for public access to information about eating disorders:

Organizations that offer eating disorder-specific support for sufferers and carers

UK – beat (beating eating disorders) at

USA – National Eating Disorders Association at

Canada – Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous at

Australia – The Butterfly Foundation at

New Zealand – Eating Disorders Association of New Zealand at

Please note: Website addresses can change, but these were correct at the time of going to press. While we have aimed to provide as comprehensive a list as possible, we are aware that there will be others that we have missed (particularly outside the English-speaking world). Any suggestions for additional organizations would be appreciated, particularly in countries where we have not been able to identify contacts, and we will aim to update this list in any future editions of this book.

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