PREFACE  pp. xi-xii


By S. Mauw and G. J. Veltink

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The specifications in this book are the result of a number of case studies performed by researchers from the Programming Research Group at the University of Amsterdam. The primary goal was to study the use of the techniques developed by the Programming Research Group for the specification of real-life protocols. From the pool of available case studies we made a selection that focuses on communication protocols, which we present in an order well suited for use in education. We hope that this book provides a first step towards a methodology for the design of communication protocols using PSF.

The following people have contributed to this book: Jacob Brunekreef, Henrik Jacobsson, Sjouke Mauw, Gert Veltink and Jos van Wamel.

Other people have helped in initiating and creating this book. The editors would like to express their gratitude for their help in various ways to Jan Bergstra, Jacob Brunekreef, Bob Diertens, Casper Dik, Hans Kamps, Hans Mulder and Jos van Wamel.