PREFACE  pp. 1-2


By Carl Richard Lepsius and William Bell

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Some friends, feeling interest in the latest discussion on the wonderful revelations exhumed from the Egyptian soil generally, but more especially from the Grave Chambers of Saqâra, requested from me an exact Translation of the most recent publication of the well-known Egyptologist. Professor Dr. Richard Lepsius, of Berlin. I assented to their wishes. and the result is contained in the following pages, which I should scarcely have ventured on had not Professor Lepsius himself kindly assented to the work, and, besides giving me his latest correction on one or two points, had he not also done me the great favour of securing, from the Roval Berlin Foundry, the metal hieroglyphical types used by himself, as of unsurpassed beauty, as well as in translating and superintending, in lithography, the two plates of Genealogies in hieroglyphics appended to the work : for all this I beg, publicly, to return him my best thanks. As the first instance of the use of metal hieroglyphical types in this country, the present publication may serve for an era in the typographical art; and I may return also my thanks to Mr. John Haddon, the printer, and to Mr. Williams, his overseer, for the accuracy in their use, which, in so new and difficult arrangement, naturally required great attention, and presented many composing difficulties, happily, I trust, and successfully overcome.