By William Farrer

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Jurors of Cavelai hundred: Richard the reeve (prefectus) of this hundred, Ædward the man of Aubrey de Ver, Ralph de Hotot, William de Mara, Standard de Severlai, Frawin de Quetelinge, Carlo de Cavelai, Wlmar the man of Wighen; Inquis. Eliensis (ed. Hamilton), 97.

Jurors of Caveleie hundred: Richard, Everard son of Brien (“Brientius”), Ralph de Hotot, William de Mara, Stanhard de Severlei, Frawin de Curtelinge, Charles (“Carolus”) de Cavelei, Brune sune, Ulmar the man of Wigon and all other French and English men; Inquis. Com. Cantab. (ed. Hamilton), 9.


King's land (f. 189 b).

Chavelai, manor, 8 h. 40 a. 1066, King Edward. 1086, in demesne.

Count Alan.

Chavelai, 1 ½ h. 20 a. 1066, Herulf, the man of Eddeva. 1086, Enisant (Enisam Musardus).

Carlo de Cavelai and Ralph de Hotot, jurors of Cavelai hundred; Inq. Eliensis, 97.

Alan de Dinan was pardoned 16s. of danegeld in Cambridgeshire (8 h.); P. 46.

The sheriff accounts for £5 from the land of Rolland de Dinan of Chavelai and Stanton for half the year; ib. 46.

The bishop of Ely was pardoned 1m. of the aid in respect of the king's demesne of Chalvelega; ib. 102.

The sheriff accounts for £9 of the issues of the land of Rolland de Dinan after it came into the king's hands; ib. 101.