Part II - Rediscovering Hawaiki   pp. 93-94

Rediscovering <i>Hawaiki</i>

By Patrick Vinton Kirch and Roger C. Green

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Hawaiki, as one of the names of the homeland, has been carried along and applied to various islands in memory of the past, but the original Hawaiki lies buried under the accretions of time.

hiroa 1945:12

If there is a word that can persist in the memory of Polynesians in their centuries of wandering, it would have to be a word such as Hawaiki: a word of origin that tells of greatness and divine ancestry; a word of identity stamped with a glorious past; a word which, whatever the particular cognate and its language-specific associations, may be taken to symbolise the journey of Polynesians through time and space.

taumoefolau 1996:406