Preface  pp. xi-xii


By Uichiro Mizutani

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This book is an English translation of my book on the electron theory of metals first published in two parts in 1995 and 1996 by Uchida Rokakuho, Japan, the content of which is based on the lectures given for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Applied Physics and in the Department of Crystalline Materials Science, Nagoya University, over the last two decades. Some deletions and additions have been made. In particular, the chapter concerning electron transport properties is divided into two in the present book: chapters 10 and 11. The book covers the fundamentals of the electron theory of metals and also the greater part of current research interest in this field. The first six chapters are aimed at the level for advanced undergraduate students, for whom courses in classical mechanics, electrodynamics and an introductory course in quantum mechanics are called for as prerequisites in physics. It is thought to be valuable for students to make early contact with original research papers and a number of these are listed in the References section at the end of the book. Suitable review articles and more advanced textbooks are also included. Exercises, and hints and answers are provided so as to deepen the understanding of the content in the book.

It is intended that this book should assist students to further their training while stimulating their research interests. It is essentially meant to be an introductory textbook but it takes the subject up to matters of current research interest. I consider it to be very important for students to catch up with the most recent research developments as soon as possible.