10 - The Keys to the Kingdom  pp. 235-261

The Keys to the Kingdom

By John L. Brooke

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I will show the world is wrong by showing what God is. … I will tell you & hear it O Earth! God who sits in yonder heavens is a man like yourselves[.] That God if you were to see him to day … you would see him like a man in form, like yourselves. Adam was made in his image and talked with him & walkd with him. … And you have got to learn how to make yourselves God, king and priest, by going from a small capacity to a large capacity to the resurrection of the dead to dwelling in everlasting burnings. … [You] will rise & dwell with everlasting burnings to be an heir of God & joint heir of with [sic] Jesus Christ enjoying the same rise exhaltation & glory untill you arive at the station of a God.

Joseph Smith funeral oration for King Follett, April 7, 1844, as recorded by Wilford Woodruff

On april 22, 1839, Mormon Dimick Huntington noticed a haggard but familiar-looking passenger disembarking from the Missouri ferry at Quincy, Illinois. On close scrutiny he recognized the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, hidden under a long blue cloak and broad black hat. A week before, Smith and four other Mormon prisoners had been allowed to escape confinement in Daviess County, ending a six-month imprisonment. The church had not collapsed in his absence. Under the leadership of Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball, the defeated Mormons had gradually filtered east out of Missouri to the area around Quincy, where they were welcomed by local inhabitants.