Preface  pp. xiii-xvi


By Jer-Nan Juang and Minh Q. Phan

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This book is based on a series of lecture notes developed by the authors. The first author has used part of the notes for two graduate-level classes in System Identification and Control of Large Aerospace Systems at the Joint Institute for Advancement of Flight Sciences, George Washington University at NASA Langley Research Center for the past 10 years. The second author has used part of the notes for senior and first year graduate-level courses in Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems and System Identification at Princeton University and Dartmouth College since 1995. There are many reasons that motivated the writing of this book; some of them are outlined below.

First, the lecture notes received overwhelming response from the students taking these courses, with many urging us to turn these materials into a textbook. When developing the notes, we tried to place emphasis on the fundamentals and clarity of presentation. Second, the subject matter is important in practice, but it is challenging both for students to learn and for us to teach because it is an integration of several disciplines: structural dynamics, vibration analysis, modern control, and system identification. The primary goal is for students to learn what these tools are without having to take a separate course for each subject and how they are brought together to solve a vibration control problem.